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Cloud Computing Experts

Professional services expertise includes migrating applications and data to cloud environments, developing cloud-native applications, and architecting, building and managing cloud infrastructures. Cloud Technology Partners software solutions streamline cloud migration and development while improving the cloud readiness of mission-critical applications.

Reaching the world through the cloud

We focus on cloud-based technologies for use in business critical implementations and are the preferred partner for companies seeking to rapidly achieve business goals through cloud transformation.  Look over our multiple office balanced cloud-based solutions here.

Disaster Recovery

DR is no longer just about keeping your files backed up and safe.  There are many other factors we review and streamline for your business to keep real-time access to your most valuable asset.  Your Data.   Protection from internet outages, external corruptions, accidental deletions in real-time is critical.  Our approach provides you the balance of real-time local and cloud-based solutions ensuring increased uptime and productivity of your office.


The traditional concepts and costs of backing up your files are a thing of the past.  Our implementation of a blended cloud and local device strategy provides real-time data replications to all files.  Additionally, managing version control is now an integrated part of the systems.  So eliminating file aging of 24 hours between nightly backups, you are now down to seconds.